Fellow sailors / NEW FRIENDS

We're super priveledged to be living the life of long distance saling. One of our most surprising discoveries has been all the wonderful (young) sailors we've met. They make this experience tenfold the adventure. Thank you!

Here we've tried to include the ones that has made an impression, in chronological order.


s/y Hakuna Matata (NOR)

Sigurd and Johanna started from Oslo (ish) the same day we did. Sigurd had already been by Paloma, but we didn't meet Johanna or Hakuna before Farsund, Norway. From there we ventured together across the North sea, through the Caledonian canal, towards Isle of Man (none of us made it there, but we both spent some time in Northern Ireland), Dublin and part I (Dublin-Scilly Iles), part II (Scilly Iles-Brest) and part III (Brest-A Corunã) of the crossing of the bay of Biscay. Sigurd even named us proper sailors, even though he had to establish a sailing school on chanel 72 in order to get us safely across oceans. WE LOVE YOU, FAVS #1!


Espen and Karoline heard about us from Hakuna matata, and came over to our boat in Farsund. As they stood on the pier, beers in hand, our captain had her head down the cockpit storage (in an attemt to fix something, surely). They had to invite themselves aboard, we loved them instantly and apprechiated greatly all the fun we shared sailing together Farsund-A Corunã on and off. Chanel 72 will never be the same without them. 

Så mye sol! (heh)

Så mye sol! (heh)


In Dublin we got to know this bunch of happy-go-lucky adventureres, Solskinnsgutta! <3 We had so much fun together, dancing all night. They are sailing to the Carebbean and back to Norway, raising money for a charity in Haiti as they go along. They are truly genuine and fun boys, who believe in making this experience about something more than partying. He-he.


Oda & Snuppa (NOR)

In the spring the Norwegian magazine SEILmagasinet wrote an article about us and one other girl doing long distance sailing, on the cover they put "ow the girls also want to sail at sea." he other girl was Oda, who is sailing solo all the way to Australia. Oda is a lighthearted, fun girl, who will make you smile in a second. She has such a catching laugh. We are tremendously grateful we've gotten to know Oda, and we are super excited to sail with her!



Sigurd and Tobias are two crazy boys fom the inland. They've basically never sailed before, and they don't even really like it. The two of them will spend the next year in the Mediterrenean, rock climbing, diving, skiing, running, biking etc. It is never a dull moment around these two, and we feel super fortunate to have gotten to know them a little.




s/y rosanna (GBR)

We met Zane and Chris briefly in A Corunã second time around. They are a otherwise London based couple, sailing south. They are truly genuine, nice people, with a knack for attracting interesting caracters.



s/y Stroller (NOR)

This beautiful ship is sailed by a happy gang of four/five boys in their early 20s. They are always in a good mood and they love making everyone they meet feel better. The world would be a better place if there were more people like these boys! They always want to race us, and as of now we are 2-0. (Although they will most likely score one on the way south to the Canaries from Madeira, as they have a super fast boat under sail.) Their captain is also the only one to ever challenge Elise to a pizza duel, we are all still waiting patiently.




These two boys bought a huge sailing boat, not having a clue. They might be the only people we've met who has been more fans of Tangvand than we are, and Trond was the one to tell us we were about to start the crossing of the bay of Biscay on a Friday. (You should NEVER leave a harbour on a Friday.) They both work in the oil industry, and travel back and forth one month at a time.

s/y vagus (NOR)

Bendik didn't know how to sail. He's the only one we know how attempted to cross theNorth Sea three times. We admire him for the lessons he got the hard way and the integrity with he faced the harsh conditions. Bendik surely has become a sailor.



Teresa and Lucas has Berlin as their home port. We got to know them through the "Sailors going south" whatsapp group, and first met when we took their lines in Porto. From there we sailed together to Peniche and Cascais/Lisbon. They are super fun and we somehow always wind up spending the night in their boat. As we are both spending the next three years circumnavigating, we expect to enjoy several more adventures together.

s/V Kobold (Ger)

s/y Little Coconut (GBR)


s/Y Divina remi (SWE)

s/y Xora (Swe)

s/Y CETA (GBr)