Thor! (aka Torgeir)

Meet Togga! He is one of the very best people in the world. Lucky for us, he has decided to spend the next three months with us. Torgeir is usually happy. He is a world champion listener, always attempting to understand and comfort without giving advice. He is an excellent base player and has good taste in music and likes to play us fun stuff. He is the best we know at realizing the difference between the things he has the power to change and not, and to accept the things he can't change. He is patient and kind and fun. He is our captain's best friend and one of the people we are the most relaxed around. We hope he can teach us to be as chill as he is. In return we'll teach him to sail. First cruising the Canary Islands, then down to Cape Verde and across the Atlantic to the Caribbean. HURRAH. 

Bonus: look at him. He is obviously awesome. (Although he has unfortunately/luckily gotten back the other front tooth.)