Thank you!

NOVEMBER 15th, 2016

We are still in Las Palmas, and still haven’t made any final decision about what kind of new engine we want. There are so many good people, with good advice – we don’t know who to listen to. As of now, a new Volvo is in the lead for the best choice. It expensive, but the low rpms and the strong alternator are major advantages, in addition to easy instalment where our old one now sits.

Meanwhile, so many Norwegians has transferred a few or some more kroners to us. We are forever grateful for all the help from family, friends and strangers alike. It is truly heart-warming to be on the receiving end of all your kind words of encouragement, thank you!

The longer we wait before ordering a new engine, the longer it’ll be before it’s installed. The longer we wait, the longer we’ll have to stay at the Canary Islands. The longer we stay here, the less likely it is we’ll get to go to Gambia. Our parents are thrilled. On Sunday, we plan to join the ARC southwest-bound towards the westernmost island of the Canaries, El Hierro. Sometime bore that, we’ll have to decide on and order an engine.