Lovely ocean swell

While we were home, the marina here was supposed to repair a damage to the lower hinge on Palomas rudder. They replaced a broken piece, and told us that was all they had to do to make it safe. After a little back and forth, we accepted it and Paloma went in the water on Thursday.

We spent a day and a half in corunã. Mainly socialising with other sailors, secondly fixing this or that on the boat. Saturday morning before dawn, while Elise was still asleep, I sails towards the Atlantic. The morning was bitch black, the swell was 2-3 meters high and I was seasick. Elise took over and I went to bed in order to let the seasickness bandaid work and wear out the nausea. 

The sun was shining and the swell was so average it was boring to look at, yet we both enjoyed being back more than we are able to express. Because our dynamo/alternator is broken, we wanted a marina with electricity. The one we had set our sights at, was all small fishing vessels, and no electricity to be found. Luckily we've become quite experienced at not using electricity, so we decided to stay the night regardless. 

Today we are heading for Muros, where our close friends Silje and Karen are signing on. They've brought a new dynamo from Norway, and we are excited to be a little more self sufficient when it comes to electricity.  

Xx, the captain